With over three decades of experience in the precision machining industry, Lincoln Tool continues to maintain and improve its tradition of excellence in machined components and assemblies. Established in 1980 by James Ferrecchia, and now with son Scott at the helm, Lincoln Tool continues to be family-owned and operated servicing customers from the New England area to the global marketplace.

Our highly skilled machinists follow each project from design through completion. By working closely with our technical support staff and quality control staff, we are able to develop creative solutions to seemingly impossible machining tasks. The latest in computerized technology and equipment and highly skilled staff assures our customers the highest quality product in a timely fashion.

Lincoln Tool services industries ranging from renewable energy, medical device, robotics, and defense. Dedication to quality combined with proven experience in innovative precision custom machinery guarantees the right solutions to our customers’ machining/assembly needs from the start of the job through final delivery.

Methods Practiced

  • 5S
  • Kaizen
  • Process flow mapping
  • Value stream mapping
  • Pull systems/Kanban/JIT
  • System and Resource Management
  • Total quality management
  • Employee training and skill set enhancement
  • Continuous process movement
  • Lean business practicing
  • Efficient small lot flows resulting in low inventory productivity problems

About Our Founder

James W. Ferrecchia

GrampyJames (Jim) began his career in the machining industry as a supervisor for Liberty Tool in Marlboro, MA. After years of experience, he took his acquired knowledge and opened up Lincoln Tool and Machine at the age of forty. James was active in the community as a member of the Board of Directors for Marlborough Co-Operative Bank and a member of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. He grew Lincoln Tool into the prosperous business that it is today and remained actively involved in the company until the day he passed on March 28, 2011.