Lincoln Tool and Machine Corporation can save our customers time, money and resources and deliver a wide range of single-source services and capabilities that will deliver turn-key solutions to meet nearly any manufacturing needed for components and assemblies. Lincoln Tool utilizes lean techniques to ensure the most competitive manufacturing for the customer. With perpetual capital reinvestment being our sole priority, Lincoln Tool is able to operate on a 24-hour, lights-out schedule reducing costs and increasing efficiency for our customers worldwide.

Palletech Manufacturing

We employ 20 machinists on one shift, while our automation runs totally “lights out” and completely unmanned. Our Palletech Systems include a simple yet effective scheduler, which allows jobs to be queued and prioritized for lights out operation. Lincoln Tools Palletech cells and multitasking systems are an effective strategy for both low-volume and high-volume requirements. Resident pallets and tombstones with multipart fixtures serve higher production users, providing a significant cost savings solution and virtually eliminating expensive inventory.

Stop by our facility any time to see our unique Mazak Palletech Systems and our other automated manufacturing equipment in action, or check out our rail-guided Mazak Palletech System with Dual HMCs, which combines with our material management system, a CMM incorporated into the cell, and a flexible scheduling system capable of downloading right from the ERP system to the cell controller for scheduling. Visit our Youtube Channel here to see the system in action.

Mill/Turn Manufacturing

Lincoln Tools “One and Done” concept incorporates all machining processes from raw material input through final machining. This allows us to reduce production lead time by procuring finished parts totally unmanned and unattended. Check out our promotional video by clicking here.

The Mazak Integrex i150’s automation allows for parts to be built in one set up, increasing production capacity, while saving the customer time and money. The scheduler option in the Integrex allows for jobs to be queued and prioritized for “lights out” unmanned operation. Lincoln Tool is dedicated to the continued expansion and investment in automated one-and-done machining, and Scott regularly attends conferences to pursue his research and expansion in this area.

“The key to success in domestic manufacturing is investing in automation to keep up with the low labor costs around the world. By being able to run our machines 24-hours a day completely unmanned, we have been able to further compete with domestic and global shops while being able to allocate labor capital elsewhere,” said Scott Ferrecchia, President/CEO of Lincoln Tool and Machine.

Product Development/R&D

Lincoln Tool’s Research and Development Dept. will collaborate with your company’s engineering staff to develop your product rapidly and efficiently. From the raw material of your choice to finished product, our team will aid you in satisfying your product development needs.

Our highly skilled class A machinists work together in lean, efficient cells to develop cost-effective approaches to your product creation. 2D and 3D shapes are easily generated to high standards of accuracy and finish-machined in an efficient workflow, as all of our CNC milling machines are programmed offline using Mastercam X7 software.

Consult with our development specialists to discuss solutions for your next time and cost-sensitive project.

Let Lincoln Tool become your partner in innovation.

Contract Manufacturing/Assembly

With the goal of lowering overhead costs, reducing inventory, and streamlining operations, Lincoln Tool’s assembly services typically consist of manufactured components produced in low-cost groups and assembled in a precise environment. Below is just a sample of the many customized services we provide.

Assembly Manufacturing Benefits

Assembly manufacturing is defined by individual customer needs, taking into consideration the following goals:

Lower overhead costs

  • Reallocate labor resources
  • Reduce inventory
  • Streamline operations


Built to Order

“Built to Order” is another way of saying we sell solutions, not just parts. So “Built to Order” is the process of assembling the items you want from our inventory into the configuration you need. Additionally we can create one part number to the assembly for ease of ordering and receiving, all saving you time—it’s what we do.

We partner with our customers to provide solutions for your complex and diverse applications. We work with you to design and assemble your subassemblies, combining our over 50 years of experience to your designs. We cater our value-added services to fit your needs.