CNC Milling Area

Here are  our three Fadal Machine Centers
Our full-service CNC milling department can handle the most difficult workpieces. From proper CNC coding using the latest in CAD/CAM software, to complex multi-position jigs and fixturing and 4th axis work. Lincoln Tool & Machine has the expertise to satisfy your most demanding CNC milling tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Fully qualified support staff and CNC machinists.
  • Our advanced programming methods ensure speedy delivery.
  • Quality the first time....and every time.

CNC Milling Facilities:

  • 1 Matsuura RAIIIF-800 Pallet-Loading Vertical Machining Center w/8000rpm spindle.  Capacity 31X17X19
  • 1 Matsuura 560 Vertical Machining Center w/7000rpm spindle. Capacity 22X15X18
  • 2 Matsuura 760 Vertical Machining Centers w/6000rpm spindles. Capacity 30X16X19
  • 2 Fadal 6030 Vertical Machining Centers w/10,000rpm spindle. Capacity 60X30X30
  • 1 Fadal 4020 Vertical Machining Center w/10,000rpm spindle. Capacity 40X20X20
  • 1 Mazak VTC 300C Vertical Milling Machining Center w/10,000rpm spindle capacity 65x30x26
  • 5 Prototrak 3 axis DPM's. Capacity 32X24X17

Our CNC departments use Mastercam 7.2, Cadkey and Autocad 13 software.

Here are our four Matsuura Machining centers 560, 760, & RAIII Pallet Machine